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Well, we want to inform you that you will get the free V Bucks in 2019 with our methods which have 100% track record of working and if you implement them you will get them within 3 min of time. As you know, Fortnite has taken the lead overall online games and beaten them with a convincing margin.

Fortnite has now become the game of the year with more than 1 Million downloads from mobile itself, and it grosses over $30 million revenue in over 200 Days for iOS Smartphone. If you are not aware of Fortnite, then you are not online or living in caves.

Introduction of Thanos on Fortnite

We all are aware of the might character of Marvel Studios “Thanos,” a supervillain and most powerful hero who has all the Infinity Stones. Now you can enjoy this character in Fortnite game. You will get his character in Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mode in Battle Royale.

Only one Infinity Gauntlet will be given in every game, where only one player holding that Infinity Gauntlet will change into mighty Thanos. There are many abilities which come with Thanos

  1. Mighty Punch which can destroy any structures and Kill enemies
  2. Super Jump which can clear all structure present in the game
  3. Collateral damage- when Thanos lands after the super jump he can use this and give knockback and damage the ground.
  4. Blast a fire- Thanos can blast fire to the enemy and kill them with the mighty fire
  5. Thanos has 200 Shield and 500 health when the game will start.
  6. Thanos shields replenish when he kills other players
  7. Thanos health did not any replenish when he kills other players
  8. Thanos cannot build or use any weapon

Free V Bucks No Verification

So, now you are convinced that you want free V bucks badly and you can try all those new characters in the Fortnite game. You can use our online tool which has been developing keeping in the mind of all operating system as well as all platform such as PC or Smartphone. If you are using our online Tool, you will get more than 15000 V-Bucks in one session.

Features of V Bucks online Tool No Verification

We have incorporated many unique features which you will get in this tool, some of them are as follows

  1. Free to use and no restriction for any country
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  5. 100% Fortnite account protection
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  7. Works on all kind of Smartphone
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Final Words

So, you can use our online tool which will fetch you free V bucks No verification.We are looking forward to your lovely comments; please let us know what you have done with these free V Bucks in your Fortnite game.

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