Toon Blast Strategies and Tips

Toon Blast Strategies To Clear Level Fast

So, for all Toon Blast fans, who are not able to clear difficult levels, here are some tips, tricks, and strategies of 2019 which can help you level up.

As you all know peak games develop Toon Blast and it becomes the highest grossing game in its 3-puzzle board game category. It has crossed $300 million revenue in 2019 and has more than 50 Million installs from Google Play Store.

We have summaries some of the tips, tricks, and Strategies which you can implement in 2019 to clear your levels.

Best Toon Blast Strategies And Tips

  • Toon Blast Game is mixing and matching 3-puzzle game, which means you need to mix three similar color cubes in row or column, to clear those pieces from the mixing board.
  • Toon Blast Game is like playing chess; you need to think 3-steps ahead to clear all similar color cubes in the matching board.
  • Keep an eye on the moves left in the right-side corner of your Dashboard
  • You need to complete your level in the available moves left in the game.
  • If you complete your levels objective before the moves left, you will get a huge bonus as coins
  • When you complete your levels, you will receive stars for your effort
  • Try to reach level 15 in Toon Blast game, as this will enable you star chest.
  • After you receive star chest, all-stars will be accumulated in the chest, and you will also receive a new chest when you accumulate 20 stars
  • Try to reach level 20 in Toon Blast game; you can join or create a team which means, you can get help from teammates
  • You can ask for free Toon Blast lives from your teammates
  • You can purchase different chest form online stores which contain game goodies like a booster, which are a great game leveler
  • Pay attention to combos which you can make using more than 05 cubes of similar color.

Know About Booster, Combos and Difficult obstacles in Toon Blast

  • Combos can be made with the help of matching similar 05 color cube or more.
  • Rocket can be created using 05 cubes of similar color
  • Rocket can clear rows or column, depending on the blocks you have used to make this combo
  • The bomb is created using 07 cubes of similar color
  • The bomb can eliminate 08 surrounding cubes around Bomb in Toon Blast
  • Disco Ball can be created using 09 cubes of similar color
  • Disco Ball can clear all the similar color cubes in the matching board
  • Like Combos, there are four types of Booster available in the Toon Blast
  • Hammer is used to destroying one cube of your choice from the matching board
  • Boxing Glove can clear one row
  • The anvil can clear one column from the matching board
  • Dice can shuffle all cubes in the matching board
  • Booster is hard to get so, use them judicially.
  • Mix and match different combos to get the more powerful effect in Toon Blast game.

Final words

So, these are the top tips, tricks, and strategies of 2019, which you can follow and get ahead of your competition. We encourage you all to use thumb rule for all these 3-puzzle game, which is to clear the levels from the bottom first. Use booster when you struck in any difficulty level or when you did not find any moves to clear the levels.

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